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Do Calories In = Calories Out?

Do Calories In = Calories Out?

Many people think weight loss is simply about cutting calories. They believe that to lose weight, you must reduce calories (either eat less or burn more), to gain weight you must add calories and to maintain weight – you keep calories constant. To these folks, calories in, calories out is the only thing that matters.

Well, they’re wrong!!!

Calories absolutely count. And if someone has lost weight, they have burned more calories than they have eaten. That said, there are some major misconceptions about calories, weight loss, health and body composition.

These calorie myths are often rooted in truth, but presented in black-or-white terms that are useless at best – harmful at worst and do little to help the average person lose body fat.

Simple is nice. Simple is good. But overly simple is dangerously inaccurate – so let’s break this statement down.

What does “calories in” refer to?

Calories in = what we eat. The food we eat determines “calories in” entirely. Simple.

“Calories out” is where it gets confusing. There are several components to “calories out”…

  • Resting energy expenditure or the energy used to handle basic, day-to-day bodily functions and maintenance

  • Thermic effect of food or the energy used to digest food and process nutrients

  • Active energy expenditure or the energy used during movement – both deliberate activity like working out, jogging, biking and walking. Plus spontaneous activity liketexting and fidgeting. 

Not so simple, is it? There are a lot more variables to consider.

We will discuss the variables in another email.

If you have questions about your health and weight loss goals – contact Glenn or Kelly Vergie. We can help you sort out what really works – for your body. We have been in the fitness industry for over 19 years.

To your good health,

Glenn & Kelly Vergie

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