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News and Featured Articles

Athlete Overcomes ACL Injury, Plays on NCAA Scholarship

Hannah Asuchak suffered a devastating ACL injury, but overcame the injury through diligent rehab, then speed training at Vergie Speed.

Today she’s stronger and quicker than before and can comfortably play without her brace.

This upcoming season Hannah is playing NCAA soccer at the University of Texas at El Paso on Athletic Scholarship.

Congratulations Hannah on all of your outstanding accomplishments, and for overcoming your injury too. You’re truly a Vergie Speed success story!

U14 AA EXCEL wins gold medal in Provincials

Here is a photo of the U14 AA TEAM EXCEL girls that won the gold medal in provincials! Glenn had been training the team in preparation for the event.

Ranee Premji from UNC scores winning goal

Vergie Speed alumni – Ranee Premji – now a member of the North Carolina Women’s Tar Heels…scores decisive game winning goal. Her goal against #13 ranked Boston College – was last week on Oct 7, 2012. Click here to read the article.

How to Blow Away Defenders Just Like Messi, LeBron, and Crosby

Lionel Messi, LeBron James, and Sidney Crosby all have an incredible ability to blow past defenders and leave people shaking their head in disbelief. Certainly they have skill, but handling the ball or puck is far from the whole story. A huge component of their dizzying ability to make the opposition look silly is… Explosiveness:Continue Reading

How to Dominate at Training Camp Within 2 Weeks

Only Have 2 Weeks to Prepare for Training Camp? When I was a national-level sprinter, we used to focus on interval training which helped us to get in shape really quickly, and also to peak at exactly the right times. You can apply these same principles to all sports, whether hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, footballContinue Reading