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June Coach of the Month


Coach Massimo

Special Fitness Offer for July

For those of you that struggle to find time in your busy day to exercise…we get it. That is why our July Special Offer helps one of the biggest hurdles people have for finding time to work out…A workout buddy!!!We have found that having scheduled workout times with a friend is a sure-fire way toContinue Reading

VF Food (Slow Cooker Italian Beef)

For all you people who are always on the go, here is a great recipe that you can put into your slow cooker the night before or first thing in the morning. Adding this meat to a salad, sandwich or on it own with fresh vegetables, makes for a wonderful and healthy meal. Remember thatContinue Reading

Good Fats & Bad Fats

There are different types of fat: saturated fat, unsaturated fat and trans fat. Saturated fats are generally solid at room temperature and are natural fats from animal or plant sources. Foods high in saturated fat include: fatty cuts of meats, skin from poultry, full fat dairy products like butter, milk, yogurt, cheese and cream. ManyContinue Reading

Are You Eating Healthy Snacks?

 Healthy Snacks are food or beverage choices that are high in protein and fiber and low in sugar. Here are several options for you to consider to help keep you feeling full all day and lean for life. Balanced Snacks – (select 1 protein option and 1 carbohydrate option)   Protein Options Tuna packed inContinue Reading